Who makes it real?

YOU, as a participant or partner, make this event real. We are just creating the best environment for you to do so.  Everything you can think about, from experienced mentors, good location to the colour of the marker you use for your poster, we all got it for you. This “We” is about 4 persons:

Irina MelnicVery talkative minion
Optimistic team player
Tireless Event&Logistic Coordinator

There is no moment that you can see her without a smile and not ready for work. Her mission is to identify and satisfy all the necessities of the welcoming, food, logistics, atmosphere during an event. If you don’t feel like missing anything on the event it means she did a good job.

Ana ButnaruBook lover
Hardworking doer
Financial adviser

Any moment you need answers in numbers or official proofs she is the right person to ask for. She also can manage all the budgets 24/7. Thanks to her work we are legal by all the rules of the organisation. She is a master of acts and documents, you don’t need even to read it before signing.

Catalin ScripcariuBest father
Talented multitasker
Experienced Program Manager

His desire to bring the Innovation Labs opportunity to Iasi people started all this movement. If you are curious how to build a team, what are the first place to start an event, how to hold everything on track, where to find experienced mentors, he is the perfect person to ask.

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