Faculty of Computer Science IaȘI

November 20th
Room C309, 1st floor








About IdeaJam
Another year, another IdeaJAM event where bright minds gather up to pitch up their ideas that can solve world problems.
What exactly will happen in 3 hours you may ask.
Well, you’ll present your idea, you’ll receive feedback from the jury, then if you want, you can unite your forces with another participant, become teammates. Or, if you’re not ready to speak in front of an audience, but you want to be part of a team and work your magic, you can team up with one of the teams already present here.
Briefly, IdeaJAM is the perfect event for people to present their ideas, receive constructive feedback and complete their teams. Basically, it’s a win-win for everyone.

So, if

  • You have a team and looking for validation;
  • You have an idea and looking for teammates;
  • You have skills and motivation, looking for an idea to work on.

Join us on 20th of November at Faculty of Computer Science, Iași, room C309, from 18:30.

P.S. food and beverages on us!


1Consola Microsoft Xbox One S, 1TB, Alb + Extra Controller

2Boxa Google Home, Voice control, Multiroom, Google Assistant

3Camera video sport Ausek AT-Q302, Ultra HD 4K@30FPS

Can I come to IDEA JAM as a spectator?
Yes, those who join us as spectators can either choose to watch others speak up their ideas and get inspired so next time to present too, or they can choose to join one of those innovative ideas.
How can I join an idea/team?

We will have a networking session after the ideas presentation where you can talk with people and find a team/idea where you think you’ll fit in.

How long will the presentation take?

You’ll present your idea in 3mins. After that, the jury and the public will ask you questions regarding your idea. This will take 2mins.

Should I come with a presentation?

It’s not mandatory, but if you think this will help you, send us your presentation on hello@calemis.org until 19th of November.

What are the criteria of evaluation?
The jury will take into consideration the following: the tangibility of the problem defining & the solution, distinctiveness, the market.