Innovation Labs Iasi through the participant’s eyes. 21 opinions.

Written By Irina Melnic

On March 4, 2019

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Amazing, incredible, fantastic, unbelievable, stunning, surprising, fascinating, marvelous, awesome. We can flatter Innovation Labs Hackathon nonstop, but most probably you are not going to trust us, at least we can prove you. If you need solid reasons to participate in the Innovation Labs Hackathon, which is a different kind of hackathon, you can always read these 3 irresistible reasons to register.

Still not enough?

Then we invite you to see Innovation Labs Hackathon through the participant’s eyes. Go through all 21 opinions about what was this experience about for the young innovators like you. 21 thoughts, feelings, and experiences that made them value the FUN, CHALLENGE and ADVICE they’ve got at the hackathon.
Learn from their experiences:

FUN – see how you can enjoy the weekend in a totally different way

CHALLENGE – prepare yourself, your team and your idea to overcome these ones

ADVICE – use it to be with some steps ahead before coming to the event

It was funny to hear the different points of view of the jury members and the discussions held at the workbench. BOGDAN BALAU


I fell asleep with my hood on my head on 2 beanbags and I woke up like those guys from the Hangover movie. CHELMUS RARES


It was an interesting and funny experience to spend the night in the faculty with my teammates, trying to figure things out, without falling asleep. CODRUTA ATOMEI


It was really funny to get votes. This part allowed us to socialize and talk about our project and we were pleasantly surprised to find out that the others were interested in our concept; also we found out more about the other projects. LAURA TUDOSE


The most unusual and funny thing at the same time: the competition spirit between teams. ANDREI PRICOP


The most unexpected moment was when we had to present the technic demo in front of the jury and we made it work 20 seconds before they came to our presentation. BOGDAN BALAU


The most difficult moment was the morning preparation before the pitches. I’ve received the most useful advice in that morning from the jury. VALENTIN-BOGDAN ROSCA


It was challenging when I found out that half of our team left, but knowing that Mada was beside me, I’ve decided we can do it. VLAD MINUTI


The hardest thing was to focus on my speech, it was really hard taking into consideration the fatigue accumulated. But the coffee, the energetic music and my extraordinary teammates helped me deliver an amazing one. CHELMUS RARES


The most difficult thing: the fatigue during night. ANDREI PRICOP


Never give something for free. IONUT IACOB


The most helpful advice was to start with only one feature, the main one, and after that to keep adding up. VLAD MINUTI


A good advice was that if we want to receive money from the restaurants, we gotta think about the value we bring for them, not for the end-users. It may not sound like an amazing advice, but this one change our whole mind-set at the beginning of the Hackathon. STEFAN GORDIN


Choosing a narrow target group and finding a clear path of my project practicability was an useful advice. BOGDAN BALAU


The most useful advice: the product must meet the goal. ANDREI PRICOP


The advices from the business people made me see everything from a different perspective, that being the customer perspective. CRISTIANA GRIGORIU


During the Hackathon we had a lot of guidance both from the mentors and the other contestants. We had many ideas and development opportunities for the app at the start of the event, so one of the useful advices we’ve received was to focus on the main functionality that we would like to deliver, and then focus on the implementation into an MVP. The product can be easily developed after, but the validation of the main functionality is really important. We gotta show everyone that it’s valuable and useful for the restaurants and the customers. This advice helped us save time and resources, and focus more on the product delivery. ANCA ADASCALITEI


All advices were useful. But what helped us the most were the suggestions of putting ourselves in the client’s shoes. You gotta think how can you answer to their needs and why should they choose your product. THEODORA GAICEANU


We assure you there are much more opinions about a 24 hour power shot experience at Innovation Labs Hackathon. But isn’t it better living it than reading about it?

Take your time, but hurry up, registrations are open till 7th of March.
If you’ve already decided, register here. Otherwise, ask us more about the event so we can help you make the decision.

Innovation Labs is the biggest Romanian pre-acceleration program for startups that empowers the ideas of innovators since 2014. Its main goal is to grow entrepreneurship ecosystem by encouraging and integrating young entrepreneurs from 5 cities: Iasi, Cluj, Timisoara, Sibiu, and Bucuresti. This 3-month mentorship & development program includes a big network of mentors, experts ready to help and also a set of workshops on the topics like business modeling, product definition, user research, customer development etc. By the end of the program, the participants have a startup ready to be launched and financed.

Still have doubts about registering to Innovation Labs 2019 Iasi Hackathon? Feel free to hit us with a message. Ira, Stefania or Catalin are more than happy to answer to all of your questions.