Take a little peek over 2018 of Innovation Labs Iasi

Written By Irina Melnic

On January 12, 2019

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We’re starting 2019 with new forces and grandious plans and we can’t wait to put them into practice. What can we say, here at Innovation Labs we work hard for our dreams to come true.

However, let’s take one last look at what we’ve achieved last year, shall we?

For those who don’t know who we are and what we do on daily basis, Innovation Labs is a pre-accelerator for start-ups. There have been 5 years full of exciting challenges and the young generation accepted and completed them and learned a lot from them. 5 years full of projects, innovations and achievements.

2017 was a brilliant start for Innovation Labs in Iasi; last year we’ve managed to raise program standards in terms of success and its impact on the community.

2018 Events by the numbers. For Innovation Labs, last year was made of:

2018 in pictures. In 365 days we’ve captured the growth process of both the young innovators and entrepreneurial community of Iasi in more than a thousand pictures. Moreover, we’ve managed to bring this wonderful city back on Romania’s innovation map and to the Innovation Labs Finale in Bucharest – Demo Day, resumed in a 3 minutes presentation where:

Minute -2:58 – The Munzo Team (digital guide for climbing mountains) shares the plans and concept to the public, as well for the jury, financiers, potential clients and sponsors;
Minute -2:57 – Dan Nastasa from ReServed ( the app that allows you to quickly book a table to a restaurant) recognizes the most important benefit that he has gained as a start-up at Innovation Labs;
Minute -0:53 – a short sequence of the speech held by Andrei Pricop who won the Best Pitch Prize (Congrats Andrei) from Drink’mon (a gamification tool that makes the party more interactive).

After the 2018 Finale, we’ve realized that Innovation Labs has enough energy, resources and initiative to make an impact on the community on multiple fronts. This was the starting point for organizing the first Alumni Meeting. That’s how we began to coagulate a group of young dreamers who will grow by mutual collaboration and support. At the same time, innovation is also about being energetic, creative and jovial. This thought made us want to organize 2 Lan Parties to refresh the minds of young students at the Faculty of Computer Science and the Faculty of Automatic Control and Computer Engineering. And the Best Pitch Awards from the Innovation Labs Finals in 2017 and 2018 were a call for us to motivate the two winners from Iasi, Alexandru Pavaloi and Andrei Pricop, to convey their knowledge and talent to those who are eager to learn the art of pitching at the new event, Pitch for Each.

We’ve moved forward, and we’ve supported other local initiatives that aim at developing, educating and motivating the community of Iasi to believe in innovation. We’ve supported different events, such as EBEC (European BEST Engineering Competition), BringITon, FII ITst, Nasa Space Apps Challenge with time, finance, expertise, promotion, more precisely with everything we had available. In the end, the results matter, not the ones who brought them for the community.

Those being said we don’t really expect the future to bring us new successes, we will achieve it ourselves, and if you want to join us as a teammate, mentor, participant, sponsor, collaborator, you can find us anytime at: hello@calemis.ro